“What do you want with us Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us?
I know who you are—the HOLY ONE of GOD!” Mark 1:24

Jesus, teaching on the Sabbath, in the synagogue, with authority, amazed the people. BUT they could not see what the demon-possessed man could see. The most religious and pious were blind.

Jesus sat teaching and they could not see WHO he was!

How often am I blind to the presence of God? How often am I “strangely warmed” by something—they were amazed at his teaching—yet I cannot see Christ in that moment?

Perhaps my vision clouded by my presuppositions, or expectations blinds me preventing me from seeing God here and now in this moment.

Do I presume, expect or suppose God is here? Do I begin with the bias of God’s activity, on-going even in this moment?

To assume otherwise would mean:

  • God is not here
  • God is not active.
  • God is not moving…here in this moment.

Only the atheist begins with these presuppositions.

Where can I go and not be in God’s presence? David debated this in song and reasoned no matter where I go, God is there and in fact goes before me.

That God exists presupposes God’s presence here and now.

Where can I go and NOT be in God’s presence, SO every moment, situation, or challenge is pregnant with possibility because God exists.

Say so! Declare, “God you are here.”

The man, this irreligious-far-from-God-filled-with-satan-man said, “You are the HOLY ONE of GOD!

You are here. You are present.

This chained up, possessed man, proclaimed, “You are here!”

And he was healed. He was set free. The evil that held him lost its grip because he acknowledged the HOLY ONE of GOD.

How many “amazed” others went home that day still in chains of disbelief, lost in the hopelessness of life without God but this man went home unchained and filled with HOPE!

God was present and they missed it!

Right now, today, in this moment, God is present, active, ready to break your chains, move in your life, set you free, act on your behalf.

Say so!

Let it be your cry of desperation, your whisper of faith, your warrior’s shout to the enemy you are staring down right now! 

Jesus, you are the HOLY One of God!

You are here right now.

You are acting on my behalf now!



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