Separated but hopeful.

The storms last night were not nearly as bad as predicted. Still, the rains with punctuations of thunder and lightning beat against our house. The winds rustled the last of dry leaves from their perch, and now this morning, the buds on the trees seem more vivid. Rainy nights followed by a bright sunrise seem to brighten the outlook.

On my walk this morning, signs of life abound. New life breaks forth. The squirrels and birds seem to have no concern except to discover what the night winds have delivered. They seem unconcerned about world events. Perhaps they understand best how He keeps them in his mind.

Covid-19 still remains, but somehow the cleansing rain, the cool bright morning, winds whispering in the trees all speak of hope dawning on this Sunday.

The gathered church dispersed wakes to a new day. Later, we will gather but only digitally. We will meet but only from a distance. We are doing all we can to slow the pace of this virus, so, we gather separated.

Separated but hopeful. 

Seeds ready to plant lie dormant in their package. Gathered.

Dispersed, planted in the available soil, then germination begins. The farmer plants the seed, but the Lord gives the harvest.

We are dispersed, planted in available soil, germination begins, and the Lord will give a harvest.


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