new normal

new normal

God’s Word encourages me. He speaks through His Word to remind me of His promises and faithfulness. I hope you are encouraged by His Word. I’ve been chewing on Jesus’ words to his disciples. Matthew records these in Matthew chapters 5-6.

Jesus, when he saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down.

Did he do this to escape the crowd? Matthew tells us his disciples came to him. Who are they? How many are they? Are they the twelve? Is Jesus speaking to the 12, the 4 or the 5,000?

Matthew gives us no detail. We may assume nothing.

His disciples came to him and he taught them.

Jesus teaches us when we come to him.

Jesus calls us away from the crowd to teach us.

Jesus call us out of our ordinary, list-filled, out-of-breath life and meets us there.

When his disciples come to him, He teaches them.

How is that going right now in your life?

Covid19 has disrupted everything, changed everything. Even when things get back to normal, they will reflect a new normal.

Why not make those changes now? You, your family, you have a blank slate. You have a reason to change everything. Why not make this the priority?

Not a priority among priorities but the priority.

I am his disciple.

I will go to Jesus everyday and he will teach me.


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